The Opera House Next Door - Entry 4

This week was a nice follow up on our progress the week before. Director Tania Holland Williams, had completed the plans for the workshop series and we discussed together the order in which we would structure them along the timeline we have in place for the workshops. After about 4 hours of carefully choosing which clues and props would be needed for each and which workshops to pair with which dates, who was going to run each workshop, etc. We all felt a sense of achievement and admittedly relief! Now that the bulk of the planning was truly under our belts we felt a release of pressure which allowed us to focus more on the more creative side of the production.

I began putting together my plans for the workshops I will be leading involving sound. I also made a plan of when and where to record the sounds and voices needed for the soundtrack for the production. With my goal date of completion being the 18th of October for everything I am working on to create, I am keen to get stuck in. My tasks for this week as well as the already mentioned include researching evaluation questions that we can use for the project, finding characters and voices for one of the clues for the workshops, organising recording dates, updating the blog, writing a riddle and completing an outline for my workshop plans. It is really nice to have such a varied collection on my to do list!

“The thing about opera is, they do bring it on themselves…” – Tania Holland Williams, 2017.

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