The Opera House Next Door - Entry 2

The process of the production of this opera is a journey of accessibility and creativity and how these elements compliment and relate to each other. The challenges we have faced in this regard have always pushed our creative thinking and problem solving skills to the next level. This is leading to a truly varied and exiting collection of artefacts, clues and puzzles that are accessible to those with visual impairment. For this, artist Wendy Daws has been helping us as we build the puzzles and artefacts. I think our process will follow the pattern of creating the prototypes followed by a consultation with Daws. After this we fix any issues if needed and finish off the object or puzzle.

We are always checking that the project is heading in the right direction of achieving the engagement of audiences that might otherwise be unable to experience art in this way. At our meeting with Creative Producer Kevin Grist, we discussed how we could document and prove that this is being achieved. As well as the plans for the project in the short term and also in the long term. I personally get very excited about the possibilities of the project long term, with ideas of touring the project nationally and internationally. For now we must focus on the current format of the project, which is equally exciting!

At our Meeting with Wendy and Luci we discussed the workshop series that will lead up to the performances across September and October 2017. We also had an introduction to making tactile clues and props with Wendy, which was very interesting and got the ball rolling in my mind about thinking about how one might discover a clue without the aid of sight.

Enthusiastically we begin pulling together materials to create the tactile clues and props!

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