Sound Mapping: Inspiring Women of the Past

I have began work on my Sound Map under the theme of women I consider to have been inspirational to me or to others. The first woman in question is pioneer of aviation Amy Johnson (1903-1941). As the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia she undoubtably made the list for this sound map. Aside from music and sound, travel and expedition are close to my heart. Johnson died in the Thames Estuary after bailing out of her aircraft. The exact details of her death and the crash seem uncertain. Her point on the map is on the River Thames, London.

About the Sound Map

The sound map will comprise of several compositions made from sourced sound from the locations highlighted. Sound mapping by way of composition is a method of taking field recordings and manipulating the audio into a composition. In this case I will be offering them to the listener as an alternative soundscape to listen to on location. Using spectral analysis, I will pull pitch information from the recordings which will be transformed into a pitch map for the vocalists, who will sing words taken from quotations made by Amy Johnson.

On the 7th of April there will be a session with the vocalists for the Amy Johnson composition. Then, on April 8th I will be recording on location in Rouen, France for a piece for Joan of Arc at the site of her execution and scattering of her ashes followed by a trip to Orleans, France to take field recording of where the battle of Orléans occurred.

More information coming soon!

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