"Pianoforte Memento Mori challenges it's audiences to reflect on our own mortality and how we perceive death and renewal"

- Liz Hayward, Sound Artist.

"Each movement of the piece further explores the sonic potential of the piano"

                                                                      -Liz Hayward, Sound Artist.

Liz Hayward is a Sound artist, musician and sound engineer. Her debut sound art installation work, Pianoforte Memento Mori, is a forty minute long 5.1 surround sound composition. The sound element of the installation is acompanied by sculptures made from the reclaimed parts of the piano used in the creation of the piece. The largest of the three sculptural pieces houses the main harp structure of the piano and is an interactive element, inviting audiences to add their own melodies to the sound track being played over the speakers.


Pianoforte Memento Mori is heavily influenced by the theories of chance and sonic manipulation. Hayward’s approach is influenced by the work of 20th Century composers like John Cage who explored random theory, aleatoric composition and the illusion of control. 


In documenting and exhibiting Pianoforte Memento Mori, Liz Hayward has collaborated with photographer Charlotte Stratton. Stratton's evocative images are displayed alongside the sonic sculptures at each installation and provide a visual history of the journey to completion. 


Pianoforte Memento Mori had it's premiere exhibition at Turner Contemporary, Margate in May 2016.

The work has since appeared in many galleries across the south east and has appeared on BBC Radio 3's Late Junction with Verity Sharp.


© 2016 by Elizabeth Hayward.